Saturday, July 26, 2014

At last!  New York has Fashion Week, Charlotte has Race Week, but the Tega Cay Titans have BOOK WEEK!  On Wednesday morning, a truck pulled up to unload tons of brand new library books!

The boxes just kept coming!

Good thing it wasn't raining...

Thanks to Jason and the great team of shelvers supplied by Follett, the boxes were promptly sorted to the right section, unpacked and the books neatly tucked into their shelves to settle in before meeting you.

The very first book cataloged for TCES!

Me surfing in a sea of cardboard!

We were closely supervised by this guy.

As we shelved the books, I noticed that SOMEONE had already moved in...wonder who lives here? last it looks like a real library!
P. S.  I have a confession to make that is not very librarian-like.   Although I LOVED choosing the books and seeing them all lined up on their new shelves, I think one of my favorite things about the new library is the beautiful area rug where you'll soon be relaxing in comfy chairs and reading your favorite books and magazines.

See you soon!  Enjoy the last weeks of summer!



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