Thursday, November 6, 2014

Well, it's about time I updated the Bookish Titan, right?  It has been a very exciting, busy fall!


Hopefully now Accelerated Reader is going smoothly.  There has been lots of quiz activity, and student scores are quite high overall.  Did you know that you can set up a parent "home connect" account and monitor your child's progress?  Directions went home and can also be found on the media center website.  We already have several students in point clubs, and the Starbooks Cafe will open as soon as we have a few more reaching the 100-Point Club level. The more, the merrier!  I am extending the art contest to decorate the cafe through this Friday, November 7.  For more info, look on the media center site.

Lately, I have had many students ask for book recommendations.  Titan readers are very serious and enthusiastic about their reading!  They love to look for books in a series and books by favorite authors.  One way to view book recommendations is right within the AR program: once students have a few quizzes under their belt, the program starts suggesting other titles based on the ones they have read.  I have compiled below a few other resources that may help with book suggestions; if you have discovered others you like, please let me know and I'll add them.  You can go to the site by clicking on the picture.  

My disclaimer:  keep in mind that some of these resources include young adult literature so make sure you select the appropriate age group; also some of them involve a social networking environment.

    Book Adventure is similar to AR in that students can take quizzes on books they have read, but it is so much more: try the Book Finder, which creates customized lists of books for students, and the Fun and Games Center with activities related to books.

Biblionasium is a social networking site that lets students log reading time, rate favorite books, search for suggestions, and make a virtual bookshelf.  Parents can even set reading challenges and incentives to reward students!  It includes helpful articles for teachers and parents about reading.  The cute mascot Coach C. Manzee says this about reading: "Reading is like a sport.  You have to set goals, have discipline, practice, and then you will see results." How true!
Reading Rewards also provides a way to log reading, write comments/reviews about books, earn rewards which parents or teachers set up, and share recommendations with other students online.  

Scholastic's Book Wizard allows students to look for books by reading level or titles similar to their favorites.  It also is available as a mobile app--use your device to scan the                     publisher's barcode to see book levels and summaries.

Part of the great Discus state resources for students, NoveList is quite a sophisticated search tool.  Students can search by very specific genre or interest and also by similar titles. Reviews from library journals are given, which are a little more professional and unbiased than popular Internet review sources!  Contact me for home user name and password; I am not allowed to post that information online.

Coming next time....What if my child does not like to read???


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