Monday, December 1, 2014

The Reluctant Reader

What if you've done all the right things--reading to your child from birth, supplying lots of exciting books and magazines, providing the coziest reading nooks ever, limiting TV and electronics time, modeling how much you enjoy reading, etc., and your child still does not like to read??  Many of us have been there with our own children.  In my totally unscientific opinion, I think that trying to force a child to enjoy reading usually backfires.  So unless you enjoy those lovely power struggles, try stepping back and taking a deep breath.  Keep up the supportive measures, and know that you are planting the seeds.  As with many other things in parenting, you may not see the harvest for awhile; just do the best you can.
When your child does get excited about a particular book or series, try not to judge. Their faves may not be the literary masterpieces you think they should be reading, but consider them as stepping stones. For example, kids usually don't read Captain Underpants or Diary of a Wimpy Kid forever!
Also, capitalizing on your child's interests and hobbies goes a long way.
While you're waiting for your child's reading interest to bloom, here are some resources that may help.

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